Pulse Rate Of Animal

The pulse rate of animal varies due to the disparity of the structure of animal body. The pulse rate of animals can determined by gentle pressuring in the artery of thighs and jaw with finger. Pulse rate of young animal become high and reduces in accordance with increasing their age. Although the pulse rate may increase due to various types of cattle diseases. Besides this the pulse rate of animal can increase for various reasons. For example
  • Last moment of gestation
  • During mating
  • Excessive excitement
  • Working hard

The normal pulse rate of healthy animal are listed below.

Animal Pulse Rate (Per Min)
Calf (1 Day) 116-140
Calf (1 Year) 90-100
Cow/Buffalo 60-90
Bull (Cow/Buffalo) 35-55
Goat (Kid) 80-110
Goat (Adult) 70-90
Sheep (Kid) 85-95
Sheep (Adult) 70-90


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