Problem Solving Method of Poultry Rearing

Producers faces some problem in rearing poultry, which decreases the production. This type of problem solving method of poultry rearing are described below.

High Productive Breeds

By poultry from reputed govt. or private farm of our country. I needed import poultry from foreign country.


Good house keeps the poultry healthy. Make proper poultry house where sufficient movement of air and light is available. Make a poultry house design suitable for feeding, cleaning and management system. Also keep the poultry house neat and clean regularly.

Balanced Feed

Every farmer must have the knowledge of balanced poultry feed. Feed the poultry properly and serve clean water regularly according to their demands.


Vaccinate the poultry when they get affected by disease. In this regard use the required vaccine and medicine in due time.


The government have to establish market, which is suitable for buying and selling poultry meat and egg. This will help the farmer to get proper value of their products.

Taking Care of Poultry

For desired production from poultry, they need well care and management. The farmer must have to have training to learn about hygienic rearing of poultry, health and care and disease prevention methods.

Keeping Record of Income and Expenditure

To know how much poultry rearing profitable keep a record of income and expenditure or poultry farm regularly. This is a good practice for successful farmer.


The government should establish many training center around the country for providing the poultry farming knowledge to the general farmer like, characteristics of high productive poultry, production strategy, productive power, housing, food etc. This method will inspire the farmer establishing poultry farm. If this knowledge can provided to farmer, they will keep poultry in hygienic method by using modern technology and definitely be successful.


Government and private NGO should provide the farmer loan with low interest and easy terms and conditions. This system will courage them and inspire them in poultry rearing.


Developed transportation plays a vital role in poultry farming. By good transportation system the farmer can sell their products in the market easily and get proper value of their product.


To get high productive and appropriate species which is suitable for our weather condition, we have to make some new species by breeding with hybrid poultry to our local species. This will increase the poultry productive power.

To keep the poultry industry and spread it throughout the country we have to take decent steps. Poultry rearing must have to make popular to build the economy of our country strong. For eradicating the poverty and unemployment problem we have to inspire the young generation. Thus we can be success.

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