Preservation Method Of Cattle Vaccine

For long time use and keep the animal free from cattle diseases the vaccines needs to preserved. The main preservation methods of cattle vaccine are described here.
  • The vaccine which are kept in vial in dry condition preserve those under 0°c temperature.
  • The cattle vaccine which are liquid, those should kept in refrigerator at 4°c temperature.
  • Every vaccine has a determined temperature. Keep those vaccine at that temperature.
  • Read the instruction written in the level of vaccine bottle body. And follow those strictly.
  • The cattle vaccine preservation place must be dry, cold, and sufficient flow of air and light.
  • Keep each vaccine until they reach the expiration date.
  • Apply the vaccine mixed with water within determined time and don’t preserve for future use.
  • Don’t preserve the vaccines for further use which has used once.
  • As the vaccine are kept in glass bottle so, shift and keep it vary carefully to stop broking.
  • Keep all the vaccine out of the reach of children.

Preservation temperature and period of different types of cattle vaccines are listed below.

Vaccine Preservation Temperature Preservation Period
Rinderpest Vaccine -20°c 1 Year
4-8°c 1 Month
Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine 4-8°c 3-6 Months
Rabies Vaccine -20°c 1 Year
4-8°c 48 Hours
P.P.R Vaccine -20°c 1 Year
4-8°c 1 Month
Anthrax Vaccine 4-8°c 6 Months
Black Quarter Vaccine 4-8°c 6 Months
Haemorhagic Septiceamia Vaccine 4-8°c 6 Months

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