Preparing Method Of Supplementary Fish Feed

Supplementary feed is very essential for commercial fish farming. And fish production is also depends on the quality of supplementary feed. Always provide the fish well balanced nutritious feed. Many elements of fish feed are available in the market. Among them choose the right one which will meet up the demand of all nutrition. Generally 0.5-2% vitamin and mineral mix are used in balanced supplementary fish feed. Ready supplementary fish feed is also available in the market. Preparing method of supplementary fish feed are listed below.
Supplementary Feed for Carp fish
Ingredients Using Rate (%) Protein (%)
Fish-meal 10.00 4.24
Rice Dust 53.00 6.30
Mustard Cake 30.50 9.19
Vitamin and Mineral Mix 0.50 20.00
Dried Molasses 6.00 0.27
The steps for preparing this supplementary fish feed are described below.
  • At first pestle all the ingredients with grinder machine.
  • Then take certain amount of each ingredients by measuring them with scale.
  • After that mix all the ingredients by hand or mixture machine.
  • After mixing all the element well use water to it and make paste or mush.
  • This paste or mush can be used as fish feed or can be served to fish by making small pellet and globule.
  • Make the pellet according to the size of the mouth of cultivated fish.
  • This pellet or globule can be made by using hand or pellet producing machine.


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