Poultry Vaccination Tips

For vaccinating poultry the producers must have to follow some rules. Some poultry vaccination tips are listed bellow which will be helpful for the poultry producers.

  • Before starting poultry vaccination wash the hand with soap who vaccinate the bird.
  • Make the syringe and related equipment germ free with hot water(100 c).
  • Never use germicide in this purpose.
  • Mix the vaccine with distilled water, not with general water.
  • Mix the vaccine with water in a dry and cold place.
  • Keep some ice around the pot in which you mix the vaccine.
  • After mixing with water apply it to the poultry as soon as possible.
  • If some vaccine remain in the pot then put it under soil.
  • Vaccinate the healthy bird. Don’t vaccinate disease affected poultry anyhow.
  • Don’t use the date expired vaccine.
  • Use the vaccine according to the suggestion of the manufacturer company.
  • Day temperature can damage the potency of vaccine. So vaccinate the poultry in morning or evening.
  • Use one time syringe to vaccinate the poultry.
  • If vaccinating with water needed, then stop serving water 3-4 hours before vaccinating.
  • To ensure the potency of vaccine provide the poultry vitamins for three days.


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