Possibilities of Shrimp Farming in Bangladesh

Shrimp plays a very important role in the economy of Bangladesh. About 65% of exported fish products of this country is shrimp. The weather and soil of Bangladesh is very suitable and favorable for shrimp farming and other fish farming business. Shrimp farming can contribute much in developing socioeconomic condition of this country. The possibilities of shrimp farming in Bangladesh are listed below.

Possibilities of Shrimp Farming in Bangladesh

  • Soil and water of coastal area of Bangladesh is very suitable for shrimp farming.
  • The demand of shrimp around the world has increased.
  • Many countries are interested in importing shrimp from Bangladesh.
  • Shrimp minnow can be collected from the natural sources easily.
  • It requires small investment for starting a shrimp farm.
  • Farmer can make small sized shrimp farm by investing little capital.
  • Other commercial carp fish can be cultivated with shrimp.
  • About 0.2-0.5 million people of coastal are directly associated with collecting shrimp minnow from natural source like river.
  • 0.15-0.2 million people are employed in production and processing of shrimp.
  • About 7.8% of total national income comes from exporting shrimp.
  • The position of shrimp is after textile industry, among the export business.
  • Bangladesh has a bright future of shrimp farming in the coastal area of about 480km.
  • Shrimp can also be cultivated in the moorland/wasteland of this country.
  • Shrimp are now being cultivated in an area of 1,40,000 hectors in the coastal area. Among those 1,10,000 hectors in Khulna area and 30,000 in Cox’s Bazar area. And about 80,000 hectors land is also suitable for shrimp farming.
  • In coastal area about 30% land used for shrimp cultivation throughout the year.
  • In Cox’s Bazar are shrimp are cultivated with salt. And in Khulna area shrimp are cultivated with paddy.
  • In those area farmers produce about 180-200 kg shrimp per hector by using extensive system. By using modern system this production can be increased for two or three times more.
  • Along with coastal areas the rivers, canals, pond etc. also has a great possibility of shrimp farming.
  • At present lobster farming in paddy field is gaining popularity day by day. About 200-400kg lobster production per hector is possible from paddy field.
  • Now lobsters are being cultivated in about 10,000 hectors of land in 25 Zila of Bangladesh.
  • Shrimp has a great popularity as food throughout the world. As a result, it has a great demand and high value in the world market. And the demand and value of shrimp is increasing day by day. And it is now being considered as a profitable industry of Bangladesh.

So, it can be said that, shrimp farming in Bangladesh has a great possibility in developing socioeconomic condition, earning foreign currency, making scope of employment, meet up demand of nutrition and improving many more sectors.

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