Pond Environment Of Shrimp Farming

Suitable pond environment of shrimp farming is very important for profitable production. Prawn and lobster are mostly cultivated shrimp throughout the Asian countries. Prawns are cultivated in saltwater and lobsters are cultivated in freshwater. For this reason thy needs separate pond and environment for farming. Shrimp farming is very profitable as well as risky too. Because any types of unfavorable environment can harm much in shrimp culture. So, make the farm in suitable place to reduce the risk and damages. Test the qualities of soil and water before establishing a farm. Environmental elements of shrimp farming are listed and shortly described below.
Site Selection
Prawn is a saltwater shrimp species. It is generally cultivated in coastal areas where tide is available in the river. Prawn farming needs saltwater throughout the year. So, select a place for prawn farming where saltwater is easily available for whole year.

Lobster is a freshwater shrimp species. The lobster farm should located in such place where it is very easy to supply freshwater. The great source of freshwater is pond, rivers, marsh etc. The lobster can also be cultivated by supplying water by tube-well. The lobster cultivated area will be facilitated by good transportation systems and availability of minnow.

Qualities of Soil
Pond with silt loamy and sandy loamy soil is very suitable for shrimp farming. It will be better if the surface of soil become plane and slightly sloping in one side. The soil with Ph level bellow 5 is not perfect for shrimp farming. The perfect Ph level for successful shrimp farming is between 5-6.5.

Qualities of Water
Qualities of water is very important for shrimp farming. Because if the qualities of water become not favorable for shrimp farming then all shrimp minnow will die in the water and this
will harm the farmer financially. Heavy and muddy water is very harmful for both prawn and lobster farming. Some physical and chemical qualities of water for shrimp farming are listed in the following chart.

Name of the Qualities of Water Favorable Rate
Ph 6-7.5
Dissolved Oxygen < 5.4mg/l
Temperature 28°-31°c
Salinity of Water 0-4 PPT for lobster
10-25 PPT for prawn
Total Hardness < 100 pm
Iron < 1.0mg/l

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