The insects or animal who lives in the body of other animal is known as parasite. This types of animal take food and make shelter in the body of other animal. Parasites lives in the external parts of the body of animal like skin, nose, mouth, head, eyes, ears, tail, legs etc. and internal parts like stomach, intestine duct etc. This parasite takes food from the stomach and intestine duct or suck blood from the body of animal. They do a lot of harm to the domestic animal. Different types of parasites survive on the body of this types of domestic animal. This parasites has no value and they don’t do any avail to the animal. Rather than they do a lot of harm to the body and health of domestic animal.
Parasites of animal are of two types.
  • External Parasites &
  • Internal Parasites
Internal Parasites
The parasite who lives inside the body of animal like stomach or intestine duct is known as internal parasites. They live inside the body of animal and take food and shelter from there. They damage the health of animal seriously. Some harmful internal parasites of animal are round worm, tape worm, fluke worm etc.
External Parasites:
Parasites living outside the body of animal is called external parasites. Generally, this types of parasite lives in the skin, mouth, nose, eyes, head, tail, ears, legs etc. of animal. They suck blood from the body of animal and do lot of damage to the skin and body of animal. Domestic animal get infected by different types of external parasites like ticks, lice, fly, mites etc.

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