Navel Ill

Navel ill disease can be seen in recently born calf. It is a bacterial disease. The germs spreads through the umbilicus of calf during delivery period. Although the germ of navel ill disease can spreads by using impure knife and blades for cutting navel. The main symptoms, disease prevention methods and treatment process are described below.


  • The navel of navel ill disease infected calf get swelled.
  • They feel pain in their navel.
  • Firstly navel become very hard and then sore can be seen.
  • If you give pressure in the navel then blood mixed liquid may come out.
  • Infected calf become very feeble and sick.
  • They can’t drink milk.
  • The calf may get infected by twang of bow.
  • They feel no appetite.
  • The calf may suffers by convulsions.
  • The body of navel ill disease infected calf may become various colored.
  • Knot of their legs may get swelled.
  • By producing sepsis in their body they die suddenly.

Prevention & Treatment

  • Keep the dwelling place of calf dry, neat and clean.
  • After delivery cut the navel of calf by using germ free edgy knife or blade.
  • Clean the navel with iodine and apply some germicide powder.
  • Keep the delivery place of cow clean and germ free.
  • Use antibiotic or sulphonamide medicine through injection according to the suggestion of a veterinarian.

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