Natural Feed For Shrimp

Shrimps are omnivorous animal. They stays i the deep of water at day time and searches everywhere for feed at night. Different types of moss, aquatic weeds, tiny phytoplankton and zooplankton, rotted organic substance etc. are natural feed for shrimp. Along with this eggs and larvae of various types of aquatic insects, basal tiny animal etc. also consumed by shrimp as natural feed. Natural feed for shrimp are of two types.

  • Phytoplankton: Bluish green moss, green moss, diatoms etc. are favorite phytoplankton of shrimp.
  • Zooplankton: The favorite zooplanktons of shrimp are cladocera, rotifers, artemia etc.

Producing Phytoplankton

For producing phytoplankton like diatoms and bluish green moss for shrimp, keep some urea, TSP, sodium or potassium silicate fertilizer with little water in a polythene bag. Add some moss in that fertilizer mixture and close the bag. Then keep the bag floating over the water of the pond for 6-7 days. After about 6-7 days there will grow a huge amount of diatom and bluish green moss.
natural shrimp feed, natural feed for shrimp

Producing Zooplankton:
15-20 small sized concrete reservoir is needed for producing zooplankton. Then fill each reservoir with 2/3 water. Stock zooplankton in every reservoir by collecting them from natural resources. After a few days when the water of the reservoir will turned to deep green color then those reservoir will full with zooplankton.

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