Mineral Deficiency Diseases

Mineral is very essential for growing , keeping healthy and breeding of animal and bird. Every mineral ingredients do different work in animal body. So, due to lack of minerals animals and bird get affected by various types of mineral deficiency diseases. Symptoms and remedy method of some mineral deficiency diseases due to lack of several minerals are described below.

  • Blood coagulation power of chicken get damaged.
  • The usual growth get obstructed.
  • The lips get curved and become very soft.
  • Get affected by rickets disease.
  • Baby production rate from egg get reduced.
  • Eggshell become very thin.
  • Bone structure get disarranged and become very soft.
  • Fish powder, egg, milk, oyster shell powder, bone powder and limestone contain high portion of calcium.
  • Feed this ingredients by mixing with their regular feed.
  • The usual growth of poultry get obstructed.
  • Egg production get reduced.
  • Get affected by rickets disease.
  • Eggshell become very thin.
  • Structure of bones become very weak.
Add some corn, green spinach, fish in the poultry feed.
  • Egg production of layer poultry get reduced, sometimes stop laying due to lack of magnesium.
  • Baby chicken become very sick and lazy.
  • They suffers by dyspnoea and become unconscious.
  • They get affected by convulsions.
  • Lips get curved.
  • Bones become fragile and nerve weakness can be seen.
  • Wheat barn, rice dust, alfalfa meal etc. contain high magnesium.
  • Add 50-60 milligram magnesium with per kg feed.
  • Due to lack of iron chicken get affected by anemia disease.
  • Feather of the red feathered bird get pale colored due to lack of iron.
  • As iron is the main material of blood, the usual growth of chicken get reduced due to lack of it.
  • Green vegetables, grass, meat, egg, milk, animal liver etc. enrich with high ratio of iron. Feed the chicken this feed with their regular feed.
  • Ferrous sulfate can be added to chicken food.
  • Sodium is such an ingredient of feed which helps to normal work of heart.
  • Due to lack of sodium the blood become watery.
  • Chicken become very lathy.
  • Weights of chicken get reduced.
  • Growth of growing chicken get obstructed.
  • They suffers by dehydration and die.

Sodium or salt and vegetables are the main way to meet up the demand of sodium.

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