Mineral Deficiency Diseases in Cattle

The domestic animals get infected by different types of diseases due to lack of minerals. Among the minerals lack of phosphorus and calcium are observed much in the body of animal. Highly milk productive cows loss phosphorus with the milk more than they refine phosphorus in their body. Calcium makes the bones of animal strong. However, due to lack of this types of elements mineral deficiency diseases in cattle can be seen. Symptoms of mineral deficiency diseases in cattle and treatment process are described below.
  • The animal can’t grow well due to lack of phosphorus.
  • Milk production get reduced.
  • Impregnation capability get reduced.
  • Infected animal feel unusual appetite.
  • The cow procreate weak calf.
  • The calf get infected by rickets after their birth.
  • The growth of the bone of animal stopped due to lack of calcium.
  • The cow suffers by milk fever in acute crisis of calcium.
  • The bone of the calf get curved.
  • Mildness can be seen in the bone of old animal.
  • Weakness, infertility, rough skin, anemia, mildness of bone etc. can be seen due to lack of sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine etc. minerals.
  • The productive power of animal get reduced.
  • The animal can get infected by other diseases easily due to deficiency of mineral in animal body.
  • Always provide the animal balanced feed.
  • Feed the animal enough quantity of green grasses.
  • Mix bone powder, salt and other mineral mix with the grainy feed of animal and feed it to the cattle.
  • Feed the cattle dicalcium and disodium phosphate mixing with their regular feed.

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