Milk Fever in Cows

Cows generally get infected by this disease after giving birth of calf. Milk fever infected cow lay down in the ground and become unconscious like paralyzed animal. This condition is simply known as milk fever in cows. Huge quantity of calcium flows from their body with their milk. As a result the cow suffers by calcium deficiency and get infected by milk fever disease. Along with this metabolic problems of minerals also causes milk fever in cows.


  • Lack of sufficient calcium in the body of animal.
  • Metabolic problems of minerals.
  • Large amount of calcium flows from the body of cow with colostrum.


  • Firstly the infected cow lose appetite and don’t want of eat anything.
  • They become very unstable.
  • Trepidation can be seen in the head and leg of cows.
  • They feel weakness in their back side legs and lay down.
  • Infected animal leave off consuming food.
  • The head of the cows get curved and flows over their neck. So, they can’t move their head.
  • Saliva flows from their mouth.
  • Thy open their eyes slightly.
  • Tongue come out from their mouth.
  • Their body temperature get reduced.
  • Milk fever infected cows head and legs muscle always vibrate slightly.
  • The cow don’t want to walk.
  • The infected cows may defecate liquid closet.
  • Sometimes their belly get swollen.
  • If the milk fever affects the cows seriously then they may die within 12-24 hours.


  • If the symptoms of milk fever shown in the cow then make proper treatment according to the counsel of veterinarian.
  • Milk fever in cows causes due to lack of calcium and phosphorus. So provide them this materials through injection.
  • Make a comfortable bed for infected cows with straw so that they can lay straight and take rest.
  • Feed the cows calcium enriched food for several days before their delivery time.
  • Before delivery feed the cow 30g calcium gluconate daily by mixing with their food or water.

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