Method of Artificial Breeding Of Fish

Artificial fish breeding is such a process by which minnow are produced artificially. The steps and method of artificial breeding of fish are described below.
Collecting Pituitary Gland
Pituitary gland is a very important gland of fish. It is one type of endocrine glands. the hormones secreted from pituitary gland control the tasks of this types of other glands. Growth hormone and gonadotropin hormone among the all secreted hormone from pituitary gland influence the growth and tasks of sexual organs. Pituitary gland used as catalyst and inducing agent for artificial breeding of fish. This gland is located under brain.

At first cut the upper section of scalp with saw.Then remove the skull and there is gray fatty material over the brain. Clean the gray material with cotton. This will make the surface of brain clearly visible. Now elevate the brain and keep it to the back side. Pituitary gland of some fish get mixed get mixed with brain. As a result it resurface too while elevating the brain. Pituitary gland of carp fish is separated with brain by a thin membrane. Be very careful during elevating brain so that pituitary gland with membrane can’t get mixed with brain. Raise the pituitary gland carefully with subtle tongs or needle from the hole and keep in petri dish of 100% ethanol. Clean the muscle and blood from pituitary gland by keeping it intact.

Making Solution of Hormone Injection

This solution is made by collecting pituitary gland from the head of fish. After collecting pituitary gland it is kept in alcohol or acetone. Then raise it and make it dry and pestle it with homogenizer. After that mix the pituitary gland powder with certain amount of distilled water. After several moment of mixing with water collect the clean water from upper level by centrifuging.

Using Method of Hormone for Artificial Breeding
The hormone produced from the pituitary gland of fish is known as gonad stimulating hormone. By using this hormone in the adult fish through injection, the ovary of female fish and testis of male fish become fertile. This system makes the artificial breeding of fish possible. The applying method of hormone are described below.

Essential Equipment
The essential equipment of artificial breeding are listed below.

  • Generative male and female fish.
  • Equipments for injection.
  • Plastic tub.
  • Cotton towel.
  • Potassium permanganate.
  • Hormone solution of pituitary gland.
  • Salt.
  • Quinaldine
  • Feathers of bird.
  • Clean and fresh water.

Applying Method

  • Make the fish unconscious by quinaldine before applying injection.
  • Use 50-100mg quinaldine per 1 litter water.
  • Apply the injection in different places of the body of fish.
  • Apply injection to the male fish once and female fish twice. Keep difference between 1st and 2nd injection about 5-8 hours.
  • After applying injection keep the fish in breeding pond.

Applying rate of pituitary gland hormone to some fish are listed below.

Fish Name 1st Rate (mg/kg) 2nd Rate (mg/kg)
Rui Fish 2 6-8
Katla Fish 1-2 4-6
Mrigal Fish 1-2 6-8
Kalbaus 1-2 6-8
Grass Carp Fish 3 6-7
Silver Carp Fish 2 6


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