Malnutritious Disease of Fish

The symptoms which are shown in the fish due to lack of a specific food element is called malnutritious disease of fish. The fish suffers by malnutrition due to lack of regular and adequate nutritious food. The symptoms of the disease by malnutrition are described below.
General Symptoms of Malnutritious Disease
  • Growth of minnow get obstructed.
  • The head become big sized than their body.
  • Infected fish become blind.
  • The fish become feeble and die gradually due to lack of sufficient food.
  • Some place of the body of fish get curved.
  • Sometimes the infected fish become malformed.
Malnutritious fish diseases are of two types.
Lack of Vitamin
The symptoms due to lack of important vitamin in fish are listed below.
  • Vitamin A: The eyes of fish get swelled due to lack of vitamin A. Belly of the affected fish get swelled by gathering liquid material in it. In acute lacking the fish may blind permanently.
  • Vitamin D: Erosion and ravage of kidney happen due to lack of vitamin D. Along with this the rate of hemoglobin in the body fish get reduced.
  • Vitamin E: Due to lack of vitamin E the color of fish become blackish, eyes get swelled and the fish feels no appetite.
  • Vitamin K: Vitamin K helps to froze the blood. If the fish suffers by lacking of this vitamin then it will suffer by blood-letting when any place of the fish will wound.
  • Vitamin B1: Due to lack of vitamin B1 the fish moves unnaturally. And the fish feels no appetite.
  • Vitamin B2: The fish become blackish colored for lacking of vitamin B2. Blood outflow from the skin and fins of fish. The eyesight of fish also get reduced.
  • Vitamin B3: Fishes moves unnaturally due to lack of this vitamin. Gill of fish get swelled and the intestine get wounded. Water accrued inside the belly.
  • Vitamin C: It takes long time to desiccate the wounded place of fish due to lack of vitamin C. Along with this unnatural structure of gill lamellae of fish can be seen due to lack of this vitamin.
Lack of Minerals
Mineral salt is a must for fish. Fish generally consumes mineral salt directly from the water with food. But a large amount of mineral salt outflow from their body with their urinary excretion. As a result they suffers by lack of mineral salt. The necessary minerals for fish is calcium, phosphorus, zink and iodine. The symptoms due to lack of those minerals are described below.
  • Calcium: Lack of calcium obstacle the growth of fish. It also damage the structure of bone.
  • Phosphorus: Lack of phosphorus causes metabolism problem in fish and structure of bone interrupted.
  • Zink: The fish may become blind due to lack of sufficient zink.
  • Iodine: The thyroid gland of fish get swelled due to lack of iodine and damage its efficiency. As a result the fish suffers by goitre disease.
Always provide the fish sufficient food enriched with protein, mineral salt, vitamin etc.

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