Lice are very small parasites but damage much to the domestic animal. Almost all types of animal may get infected by lice. There are many species of lice. Among them two species are very harmful for the animal. They are

  • Biting Lice &
  • Blood sucking Lice

Biting Lice
Biting lice generally lives over the hunch or behind the tail. They lives in the tail surrounding it. An adult lice can survive for maximum 42 days. Within this time they lays about 30 eggs. Their body scratchy due to this lice. As a result the animal rub their body with hardy elements.

Blood Sucking Lice
Blood sucking lice are most harmful than biting lice. They lives in the both side of the neck of animal, chest, inside the thighs, behind the tail, head, nose, eyes and surrounding the ears. They suck blood from the body of animal. As a result the animal suffers by anemia.

Natural body growth of animal get obstructed. They loose the milk production and energy. Lice can be controlled by using different types of lice killing medicines. Besides this hygienic rearing for cattle can keep the animal free from this types of parasites.

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