Intensive Polyculture of Fish

Intensive polyculture of fish is the latest improved technology of fish farming. In this system maximum production is possible in short time within small place. And by stocking minnow in high density using modern technology. In this system fish are cultivated by using supplementary feed instead of natural food. In this system farming managements are like polyculture, but has difference in some area. The important steps for intensive polyculture of fish are described below.

Pond Construction
According to modern fish farming method the depth of the pond will be 2-2.5 miter. Shore will be slanting at the rate of 1:2. Basal level of the pond will be plane. Keep a pipe in the pond for changing water when needed. If necessary use aerator machine for providing oxygen in the water.

Pond Preparation
Pond preparation for intensive polyculture of fish is like general polyculture of fish. Before stocking minnow in the pond making it dry, removing aquatic weeds, removing cannibalistic fish, animal and insects, applying lime and fertilizer etc. are part of pond preparation.

Stocking Minnow
In intensive polyculture two or three times more minnow are used in the pond. Over 10,000- 15,000 minnow stocked per hector in intensive polyculture of fish.

Management After Stocking
After stocking management is like general polyculture of fish. But in this system supplementary fish feed is used more than using fertilizer. In this system the fishes are served high quality feed daily. The color and quality of water may change for regular use of supplementary feed. So, change the water of pond after a few days. Test the health of fish by pulling net in the pond.

Fish Collection
In intensive polyculture the fish grows very fast due to proper care and providing high quality fish feed. So, fish can be cultivated for many times per year. In this case make the net germ free each time after and before collecting fish.

Fish farming in intensive polyculture system is very profitable. With this it is also very risky too. This system is very expensive. Fish are cultivated in this system in some developed countries like Japan, England, America, Taiwan, China etc.

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