Identification of Male and Female Fishes for Artificial Breeding

Success of artificial breeding is mostly depend on the identification of male and female fishes which are suitable for breeding. We can determine if the fishes are suitable for artificial breeding or not by an experiment of the physical characteristics and qualities of fish. The main differences between reproductive male and female fishes are listed below.
Difference Between Reproductive Male and Female Fishes
Female Fish Male Fish
Belly of female fish is wide and thick due to eggs in their belly. Belly of male fish is comparatively is glossy and soprano.
Anus is redish and lump. Anus in small hole.
Lingam of female fish is colored. Lingam of male fish is white.
Pectoral fins are smooth and slippery. Pectoral fins are grained.
Eggs may come by pressuring over their abdomen. Milt may come by slightly pressuring over their abdomen.
Pectoral fins are small and external ray is not very thick. Pectoral fins are long and the external last ray is thick and big.
The body of same aged female fish is comparatively bigger than male fish. Body of male fish is comparatively smaller than female fish.
Lingam of female fish is bulging, tumid and soft. Lingam of male fish is long, soprano and curved to inside.

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