Ideal Fish Farm

Fish farms are established commercially to get profitable fish production. Proper care, and farm management should taken to get better production. Main and notable characteristics of an ideal fish farm are listed below.
  • The water reserving power of an ideal farm pond will be high.
  • Silt, loamy and fertile soil is better for farm pond.
  • The area of an ideal farm would be 5-10 acres.
  • The farm will be well facilitated for supplying necessary water throughout the year.
  • Establish the farm near river, canal or big streams. This will ensure sufficient supply of water all time.
  • Deep or moveable tube-well can be set up for sufficient water supply.
  • The farm should have better transportation facilities. For this reason make farm near main roads or big markets.
  • The farm should have electricity facility for using pumps and other activities.
  • The farm will be located in open space where sufficient air and sunlight are available.
  • Don’t sow such trees which has leaf widely in the shore of pond.
  • The farm should be free from all types of flood. So, make the farm in such place which is free from flood.
  • The farm will be free from all types of pesticides and chemical factory pollution.
  • The fish produced from the farm must have to have a great demand.
  • Ensure that the farm has the facility of proper supply of farm equipments, fertilizer, fish feed, minnow etc.
  • Appoint expert people in the farm.
  • The farm must have the facilities to accommodate the labor.
  • It would be better if the farm has the facilities of integrated fish farming (duck and fish or chicken or fish).

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