Hemorrhagic Septicemia In Cattle

Hemorrhagic septicemia is a fatal contagious bacterial cattle diseases. This disease occurs due to a bacteria named ‘pastorela bovis petica’. The germ of this disease spreads to the healthy animal through the saliva, snivel, excreta, polluted water and food of infected animal. The germ also spreads through the used equipment of infected animal.


  • The neck, head and throat of hemorrhagic septicemia disease infected animal get swollen.
  • Body temperature increases highly.
  • Infected animal feel pain in their belly.
  • Sometimes they may suffers by diarrhea.
  • Saliva flows from their mouth and mucus from their nose.
  • Hemorrhagic septicemia disease infected animal faces difficulty while breathing.
  • Ghor ghor sound produce during breathing.
  • They try to take breath spreading their tongue outside.
  • Water flows from their eyes.
  • Blood may flows with their closet.
  • Tongue become red colored.
  • Infected animal become very thirsty.
  • Water frost under their neck, jaw, chest, belly and ears and get swollen.
  • Swollen place become very hard and painful.
  • Yellow colored liquid flows from the swollen place if small perforation made by needle.
  • Hemorrhagic septicemia disease infected animal can’t eat anything.
  • They stops ruminate.
  • They stops producing milk and die suddenly.

Prevention & Treatment

  • Keep the infected animal separated from the healthy one because it is a contagious disease.
  • Vaccinate the healthy animal regularly.
  • Make proper treatment to the infected animal according to the advice of a veterinarian.
  • Spray germicide medicine in the house of cattle.
  • If hemorrhagic septicemia disease can be seen in one animal then vaccinate all the animals.
  • Provide hygienic food and housing for the cattle.
  • Keep the dead body of infected animal under soil or burn it with fire.

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