Harmful Aquatic Plants

There are many useful and harmful aquatic plants in the water of cultivated pond which grows naturally. This plants grows day by day and create adverse environment for fish farming. Most of the aquatic plants do some harm to the livings of fish and their growth. Harmful aquatic plants are of four types according to their living characteristics.
Floaty Aquatic Plants
Leaves and cords of this types of aquatic plants float in the water but root or bulb get hanged inside water. For example water hyacinth is a floaty aquatic plant. As this types of plants floats over the water so, they hinders the entrance of sunlight and air directly to the water. Along with this they also consume the nutrition from the supplied supplementary fish feed or fertilizer. As a result fish production get reduced.
Sinked Aquatic Plants
This types of plants grows in the basal level of water. Their leaves or cords get submerged in the water. Root remain bounded with the basal soil of pond. Cymbals, najas etc. are sinked aquatic plants. This types of aquatic plants hinders the entrance of sunlight in the deep level of water in pond and creates obstructions in the general movement of fish.
Creepy Aquatic Plants
Root of some trees stays in the shore of pond or in the corner in little water and the cords spread some places sometimes throughout the pond. This types of aquatic plants are known as creepy aquatic plants. For example ipomoea aquatica is a creepy aquatic plant. Creepy aquatic plants cover the surface of water by spreading its leaves and cords over water. As a result it hinders the entrance of air and light inside the water of pond.
Effusive Aquatic Plants
Root of effusive aquatic plants slightly connected with the basal clay. This types of plant spread from one place to another place by air or with tide. Cords, leaves, flower etc. of this plants are in the surface of water. As a result it hinders the sunlight entrancing under water and hampers fish farming. Arrowhead is an effusive aquatic plants.

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