Gill Rot Disease Of Fish

Gill rot disease of fish is a bacterial disease. Almost all species of minnow get infected by this disease. Generally polluted water causes this fish disease. In polluted aquatic environment food and oxygen supply stops in the external part of gill and causes this fish diseases. The symptoms and treatment of gill rot disease of fish are described below.
  • The gill of the fish get swelled.
  • Blood coagulated in the gill and rot later.
  • The gill become discolored gradually.
  • Blood-letting may happen.
  • The affected fish float over the water.
  • Affected fish suffers by dyspnoea and die by choke.
  • Murrain may happen to the fish.
  • The body of fish especially head become blackish colored.
  • Gill of the fish covered by excessive slippery material.
  • Wash the fish with 2.5% salty water.
  • Don’t use excessive organic fertilizer to the pond.
  • Use lime in the pond occasionally.
  • Keep the infected fish in 5 PPM potassium permanganate solution for 1 hour.
  • In primary condition of this disease keep the fish in a solution of 5mg copper sulphate per 1 liter water and release them to the pond again.

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