General Prevention Method Of Fish Diseases

Fish generally get infected by various types of diseases in its life. Harmful environment, adverse aquatic condition, various types of virus etc. causes diseases in fish. And this diseases causes a lot of harm to successful fish farming. So, the farmer must have to be careful about proper care and management of fish. The general prevention method of fish diseases are listed below.
  • Always keep the environment of pond or stream favorable for fish farming.
  • Always keep the qualities of soil and water suitable for fish.
  • Always stock healthy, strong and high quality minnow in the pond.
  • Always stock minnow in proper density.
  • The pond for fish farming will be placed in open place and free from aquatic weeds.
  • The pond must be free from all types of unwanted and harmful fish or animals.
  • Don’t let flood water entrancing in the pond.
  • Ensure sufficient supply of fertilizer and supplementary fish feed in the pond regularly.
  • Make the pond germ free by using lime in the pond 2 or 3 times a year.
  • Test the health of fish by pulling net at least once per month.
  • Remove the disease infected fish from the pond.
  • The net used in infected pond should dry well before using it to another pond.
  • Keep balance between number of stocked fish and stocking power of pond.
  • If somehow disease affect the farm take necessary steps or call doctor.
  • Don’t forget to provide your fish nutritious food always.

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