Fluke Worm

Fluke worm looks like leaves of tree. This parasites has two sucker. With this they stay with the organ of animal. Generally domestic animals get infected by three types of fluke worm. They are listed below.

  • Liver Fluke
  • Stomach Fluke
  • Blood Fluke


  • Digestive system of fluke worm infected animal get damaged.
  • They do odor liquid defecate.
  • Suffers by inflammation in liver, bile duct and different organ if the fluke worm attack the liver.
  • Infected animal become very week.
  • They lose energy and production capability.
  • Blood in their body get reduced and they suffers by anemia.
  • Swelling place can be seen under the chin.
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  • Saliva may flows from the nose of fluke worm infected animal.
  • Animal faces breathing problem.
  • Infected animal stops eating food and die due to anemia.
  • If fluke worm attacks the calf much then it may die.


  • According to the advice of veterinarian feed the animal wormicide medicine.
  • Don’t let the animal to graze in the dampy field.
  • Apply wormicide medicine like round worm and tape worm.

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