Fluke Disease In Fish

Fluke disease in fish harm much to the fish farmer. Fish generally get affected by fluke disease by two types of worm which are described below.

1. Tape Worm
Fluke disease by tape worms spreads to the fish by the dejecta of fish eating bird. When the bird defecate in the pond then the fish consume it and the tape worm enter directly to the body of fish. Fluke disease by tape worm is very harmful for fish and do a lot of harm to the body of fish. Symptoms and treatment of fluke disease by tape worm are described below.

  • The place from where the worm enter to the body of fish get wounded.
  • Fungus and bacteria can easily infect the wounded place of fish.
  • The belly of fish get swelled much than usual.
  • The fish become feeble.


  • This disease has no proper treatment. But preventing fish eating bird can reduce this fish diseases.
  • Wash the wounded place of fish by potassium permanganate solution. This will kill the worm.

2. Flat Worm
Flat worm affect the fish much in rainy and winter season. This types of worm attack the gill of fish and consume blood from the vein.

  • Affected fish moves here and there restlessly.
  • The body of the affected fish get wounded due to worm.
  • Fish suffers by dyspnoea and float over water.
  • Rub their body with hard material near the shore.
  • The fish become feeble and may die.


  • Apply 4kg dipterex per acre after every 7 days for twice.
  • Keep the pond free from snail or oyster.
  • Make a solution with 1ml formalin in 5 liter water and keep the fish there for 5-10 minutes.

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