Fish Preservation

Storing fish through some specific way is called fish preservation. Fish and other animal related to fish is very fast gangrenous. It takes long time to catch fish, marketing and reach to the customer. If any fish preservation methods are not taken within this period then most of the fish will become unsuitable for consuming. Fish of sea takes long time to reach to the customers than fish of internal stream. Along with this sea fish are collected from sea in a certain season. So, fish preservation method is needed for providing fresh fish to the customers and exporting the collected fish in foreign countries.
Traditional & Modern System of Fish Preservation
Keeping the qualities of fish exactly same is the main purpose of fish preservation. It is not possible anyway to stop the putrefaction of fish after their death. The putrefaction can delayed by using various fish preservation method. But it is not possible to completely stop this process. Some popular fish preservation methods are listed below.
Traditional Fish Preservation Method
Modern Fish Preservation Method
  • Icing
  • Frozen
  • Canning
  • Smoking

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