Fish Preservation By Drying

Fish preservation by drying means preserving fish by removing water from it’s body through heating them. This system is very popular and about all types of fish can preserved by drying. Sunlight, solar dryer, oven etc. are used for preservation of fish. Two method of drying fish by sunlight are described below.
1. Small Sized Fish Drying Method
There are many small sized fish which are preserved by drying. Canda, mola, dhela, tangra, cela etc. are small sized fish which are preserved by drying in sunlight. The steps for drying fish like those are described below.
  • In case of drying this types of small sized fish there is no need to remove  innards, scales etc. from their body.
  • But sometimes if needed remove those from the fish by slightly pressuring on their belly.
  • Wash the fish properly by using clean and fresh water.
  • Then keep the fish on a bed and make it dry by sunlight.
  • It takes about 3-5 days to make the fishes fully dry.
  • Keep the fish free from worms, insects and birds while drying. In this case reticular or mosquito net can used.
  • For drying the fish fast turn over those several times a day.
2. Big Sized Fish Drying Method
Some big sized fish can also preserved by drying through sunlight. The fishes which are preserved by drying are shol, taki, gozar, boal, rupchanda, churi, loitta, poa etc. The steps for drying this types of fish are listed below.
  • Remove scales, fins, innards etc. from the body of fish.
  • Then wash the body with clean water.
  • After that cut the fish from their head to tail by knife. Cut in such way so that one part remain attached with another.
  • Then keep the fish over a bed for drying.
  • Use reticular or net to keep the fish free from insects, worms and birds.
  • A large amount of water removed from the fish within three days. Then hang the fish with rope.
  • Full drying process takes about 7-8 days depending on the weather, size of fish etc.
  • Generally drying fish contain about 10-20% water.
  • After drying the fish it is kept in various types of pots.
  • Make a thin layer with fish oil inside the pot.
Importance of Fish Drying
Fish drying has many importance which are described below.
  • Generally huge amount of fish caught from the internal water reservoir like pond, bill, stream etc.
  • If it become not possible to consume or sell all fish then drying is a suitable way for preserving.
  • Fish collected from sea needs to preserve by drying.
  • Preservation is also needed in such place where there is poor or no transportation system.
  • Fish is very fast rotting being. So, drying is must to keep them free from rotting.
  • Drying fish has a great demand in the market. It also help to meet up the fish or protein demand.
  • Nowadays drying fish is also being used as nutritious protein food for poultry.
  • Dried fish stays for long time.
  • As the drying weights less so, it costs less while transporting.
Advantages of Fish Drying
Fish drying has many advantages. Among those some important advantages are listed here.
  • Fish preservation by drying costs less than other process.
  • No experience required for preserving fish in this method.
  • No need of using prosperous devices.
  • Dried fish is also very tasty and nutritious like fresh fish.
  • Drying fish can be kept for long time.
Disadvantages of Fish Drying
Every works has an advantages and a disadvantages. Fish preservation by drying has also some disadvantages which are listed beneath.
  • Fish drying fully depends on weather. In adverse weather it takes long time for drying.
  • Sometimes it become not possible to dry the fish hygienically.
  • The fish may infected by worms or insects during drying in open place.
  • Dried fish spreads bad smell occasionally.
  • Some fish become very hard by drying and housewives faces difficulties while cooking the dried fish.
  • Some selfish fish seller dry the rotted fish which are very harmful for health. They also use color in the fish to make it attractive and for increasing demand.
  • The qualities of fish may damage due to keeping in incorrect and non scientific way.
  • Sometimes dried fish become black colored which reduces its price and demand in the market.

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