Fish Farming With Paddy

In fish farming with paddy method both fish and paddy are cultivated together in same land. This system is suitable for those areas where rain water stays in the field for 4-6 months and the areas where regular irrigation is possible in the paddy field. The steps for fish farming with paddy are described below.

Selecting Land
Success in fish farming in paddy field depends on selecting land. All types of paddy field are not suitable for fish farming. Follow the considerations before selecting land for fish farming with paddy.

  • Select such land which are free from entrancing flood water but has high water reserving efficiency.
  • The selected land will be medium height.
  • Sandy loamy soil is better for both paddy and fish farming.
  • The land will be well facilitated for irrigation through tube-well, if needed.
  • It will be better if the land become near to the house of farmer.

Preparing Land for Paddy
Plow the land properly in suitable time. Plowing land will remove weeds and make the soil soft enough for planting paddy. For fish farming with paddy it is very essential to keep water at least 5-6 inch everywhere. Make high embankment surrounding the paddy field. This will prevent loosing water from field and control entrancing excessive water from other sources. The embankment will be at least 1 feet high. Make a canal in the slanting area of paddy field with 2-3 feet depth which will cover 3-4% area of total cultivated land. This canal will be a permanent shelter for fish during summer and winter season, when water become less.

Stocking Minnow
Stock minnow in the paddy field after 10-15 days of cultivating paddy. While stocking minnow in the field, there should be at least 6 inches water. Stock pumpti, tilapia, common carp etc. fish sized about 2-3 inch. Stock about 1200-1500 minnow per acre. For stocking only tilapia fish use 2000-2400 minnow per acre. The minnow should release in the field at morning or evening, when the water become cool. Release the minnow very carefully by controlling the temperature.

Other Management
It is very necessary to keep 5-6 inch water in the field while farming fish with paddy. There is no need to provide extra food for fish farming with paddy. But for fast growth of fish they have to provide dung, moss etc. regularly. Serve them 2-3% of rice dust according to their body weight. For fish farming with paddy it will be beneficiary not to use pesticides in the field. But if using of pesticides become essential then move the fish from paddy field to canal.

Fish Collection
Generally raj pumpti and mirror carp fish become mature within 3-4 months. Raj pumpti and mirror carp fish weights about 100g and 250g within this period. It is better to collect fish before harvesting paddy.

By farming fish with paddy, 100-200kg fish per acre and 1.2-2.0 ton paddy production is possible.

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