Fish Farming in Paddy Field

Fish farming in paddy field is not a new formula. And this system is gaining popularity highly day by day in almost all Asian countries. Some fish species like koi, taki, shol, shing, tengra, pumpti etc. are generally collected from paddy field. Paddy field where water stays for a certain time in special depth is undoubtedly  an ideal environment for fish. Generally, seasonal rain water is the main water source of paddy field. The fish feed which grows naturally by amalgamation of fertilizer, dung, water and soil of paddy field is very suitable for fish production. So, a farmer can earn some extra income by farming fish in the paddy field. Stocking little amount of raj pumpti, tilapia, common carp etc. in paddy field is very profitable. Those fishes are very fast growing, tasty and has a high value in the market. Fish farming in paddy field has some advantages and disadvantages which are described below.
Advantages of Fish Farming in Paddy Field
The advantages of fish farming in paddy field are listed below.
  • An extra production can be found with paddy from the same land.
  • Fish eats aquatic weed and harmful insects for paddy.
  • It doesn’t need additional capital for farming fish with paddy.
  • Paddy production increase and it ensure high profit.
  • Dejecta of fish plays an important role for increasing fertility energy of soil. And it reduces fertilizer cost.
  • Employment opportunities increases.
  • Ensures the highest uses of water in the paddy field.
  • Paddy grows very fast due to movement of fish.
  • Paddy production increases about 10%.
  • The fish has to provide less supplementary fish feed.
  • Unused food of fish used as fertilizer of paddy.
Disadvantages of Fish Farming in Paddy Field:
The disadvantages of fish farming in paddy field are listed below.
  • Sometimes it become very difficult to keep sufficient water in paddy field due to flood, drought etc.
  • After stocking minnow in the paddy field some fish may die due to sepsis of using fertilizer.
  • Sometimes it become necessary to use pesticides in the field if the paddy caught by any harmful insects. And using pesticides is very harmful for fish health.
  • The farmer can lose fish by flood or excessive water.
  • The fish may caught by snake, frog, heron and some other animals due to less water in the field.
  • Less water becomes very hot quickly and it is very harmful for fish.
  • Sometimes available oxygen in the water get reduced and creates breathing problems to the fish.
  • The water depth in paddy field is not favorable for all types of fish species.
  • Excessive moss in paddy field hampers the health of fish.
  • The fishes may suffers by various diseases.
Fish Farming Method in the Paddy Field
Generally fish are cultivated in paddy field in two methods. And they are
  • Fish farming with paddy and
  • Fish farming after harvesting paddy

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