Favorable Environment for Surviving and Growth of Minnow

Water is the main medium for surviving not only the minnow but also for all fish species. Physical, chemical and biological qualities of water influence the livings of fish. It is very important to keep favorable environment for surviving, growth, breeding and all other activities. The physical qualities of water are depth of water, transparent or muddy water, temperature, color etc. On the other hand the chemical qualities of water are dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, alkalinity, phosphorous, potassium etc. Basal soil of pond or stream is another main superintendent of physical and chemical qualities of water. Fertile soil supplies necessary natural feed for fishes and controls water pollution. The productivity of a pond depends on the qualities of basal soil. Basal soil of pond rotate organic substance very fast and as a result essential nutrients get mixed with water. Favorable environment for surviving and growth of minnow are described below.
Loamy soil is very suitable for fish production. Organic substance are much in loamy soil. Basal organic substance of pond increases the fertility of soil and water. It increases the water holding capacity of soil. Along with this organic substance helps to produce sufficient zooplankton.
Muddy water is one of the main barrier of favorable environment for minnow. In general water is become clear. But some floaty organic or non-organic substance creates muddy water. Above 20,000 PPM(ml/L) muddy water of pond is very harmful for fish. Along with this due to muddy water the fishes can’t consume necessary nutrient ingredients from water. Sunlight get obstructed entrancing into water and hampers photosynthesis process. As a result natural food production in pond get reduced. Muddy water also creates harmful impact in sight and breathing of fish.

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