Eradication Insects From Pond of Minnow

Eradication insects from pond of minnow is very essential for successful fish farming. Various types of insects and animals like mayflies, dragonflies larvae, stoneflies, lacewings, frogs etc. grows in the water after applying fertilizer in the pond. Sometimes they become very harmful for fish. They consume the food of minnow and make competition with them while consuming food. For this reason remove all types of insects from the pond by using mosquito net before stocking minnow. If the depth of water become very high and if it become not possible to remove insects by pulling net then use 2kg dipterex medicine per acre by mixing with water. This will kill all the insects from water within 3-4 hours. Diesel can also be used as an alternative of dipterex medicine. Use 10 litter diesel per acre. This will remove all types of aquatic insects.

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