Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome

The proper reason of epizootic ulcerative syndrome is unknown yet. But most of the expert think that a fungus named aphanomyces causes this disease. First this diseases causes due to fungus in polluted water and then causes by bacteria. Taki, shol, gozar, pumpti, baim, koi, shing, catfish, carp fish etc. get infected by this fish diseases. Symptoms and remedy or treatment of this disease of fish are listed below.


  • In first step small sized red spots can be seen in the body of fish.
  • Later this red spots causes deep wound.
  • Pest start quickly in the fish.
  • The fishes become ineligible for consuming.
  • Bad smell spreads from the wounded place of fish.
  • Epizootic ulcerative syndrome causes much in winter season.
  • Infected fish stops eating feed.
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  • Sometimes the eyes of fish may damage.
  • If the fish get infected seriously then the tail and fins may scaled off.
  • The fish become very sick.
  • And they move over the water in unbalanced way.


  • Apply 60-100mg terramycin medicine with per kg feed.
  • Use 20-25mg oxytetracycline medicine per kg fish. Use this medicine after every 1 week for 3 weeks.
  • In winter season use 100 kg lime and 350kg salt per acre. Use those elements by mixing together and spread throughout the pond.
  • Keep the affected fish in a solution of 5 PPM potassium permanganate for one hour, or in a solution of 1 PPM copper sulphate for 10-15 min.
  • If needed stop applying organic fertilizer for several days.

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