Environment Of Fish Culture

Favorable environment for surviving and proper growth of fish means presence of suitable environment for fish farming. The environment of pond build with water, basal soil, shore, surrounding spaces etc. Among them water and soil are considered as the element of environment. This two element are very important for fish farming separately. For surviving all the animal of animal kingdom it needs various equipment of its own environment. The habitats for surviving fish is water reservoir. For this reason elegant aquatic environment is necessary for fish. The fish perform all its tasks for surviving within water of pond or other water reservoir. The production capability of a water reservoir depends on the merits and demerits of water and soil. For this reason the farmer have to learn more about this two element and their function. However, favorable environment of fish culture ensure the proper and high production of fish. Advantages of favorable environment of fish culture and effect of adverse environment are described below.
Advantages of Favorable environment
The main advantages of favorable environment of fish culture are described below.
  • The production of fish get increased.
  • Water become very fertile.
  • Growth and breeding of fish become normal.
  • Natural food elements get increased.
  • Fish get affected by diseases less.
  • Above all the quality of fish get increased.
Effect of Adverse Environment of Fish Culture
The harmful effects of adverse environment are described below.
  • Fish production get reduced.
  • The fish will be infected by diseases easily.
  • Waste of supplementary food.
  • Production of natural food in water will get reduced.
  • Growth, breeding and production will not be expected.
  • The quality of fish get reduced.
Surviving and growth of fish depends on the environment of water and soil. And the favorable environment depends on two subjects and they are.
  • Physical and chemical qualities of soil and
  • Physical and chemical qualities of water.

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