Dropsy Disease In Fish

Dropsy disease in fish causes due to a bacteria named aeromonas. All types of big and small sized fish may get infected by this disease. But this disease harm the carp fish and shing fish most. Symptoms and treatment of this fish diseases are are described below.


  • Yellow or green liquid material may gather inside the body of fish.
  • Belly of infected fish get swelled seriously.
  • Fish loss its body balance.
  • Outflow excessive mucus from the body of fish.
  • Infected fish rub their body with something.
  • The fish move idly.
  • Float over the water for long period.
  • Fish loss appetite.
  • Slippery material get reduced from the body of fish.
  • Fins of the affected fish get curved.


  • Remove the liquid substance from the belly of fish by pressuring the belly with finger.
  • Stop serving organic fertilizer for several days. This will help to control dropsy disease of fish.
  • Serve moderate nutritious food to the pond.
  • Reduce the density of fish from the pond.
  • Feed the fish 100mg streptomycin or terramycin by mixing with per kg feed after every 7 days.
  • Use lime to the pond at the rate of 100kg per acre. Do this after every 3 months.

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