Diseases Of Fish

Due to fast industrialization the environment of the world getting polluted day by day and this rate is increasing rapidly. Diseases are also increasing due to environment pollution. As a result fish and other aquatic animals also getting affected by various diseases. Diseases of fish are great barrier for fish farming. There is a faint symmetry among fishes in aquatic environment, germ of diseases and the environment. As a result the fish (host) get affected by diseases due to interaction of pathogen and environmental stress.
Causes of Fish Diseases
The fish may get infected by diseases for numerous reasons. Some reasons of fish diseases are listed below.
  • Attack of bacteria, fungus, virus etc. germ.
  • Parasites like worms, leech, lice etc.
  • Malnutrition (especially protein and vitamin).
  • Stocking minnow highly in small place.
  • Changing physical and chemical qualities of water.
  • Water pollution by industrial waste.
  • Producing poisonous gas in the water.
  • Using excessive organic and chemical fertilizer.
Classification of Fish Diseases
Fish diseases are of various types which are listed below.
General Symptoms of Fish Disease:
Various types of disharmonious physical characteristics and symptoms can be seen in a diseases affected fish. The symptoms of disease affected fish are of two types.
Behavioral Signs
  • The fish stops consuming food.
  • Fish loss physical balance.
  • Idly float over water.
  • Fish rub their body with strong material in the pond.
  • Swim very fast restively.
  • Fishes gather in the outflow of water.
Clinical Symptoms
  • Head seems very big comparatively to their body.
  • The fishes loss their natural bright look.
  • Their body flow out excessive mucus.
  • Natural color of fish get changed and become light or dark.
  • Rotation can be seen in the gill of fish.
  • The may infected by sore in scales, skin or fins.
  • The scales get swelled or scale off.
  • The color of gill turned to pale or red.
  • Belly get swelled and eyes come out.
  • The fish become very sick if it affected by diseases of fish.


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