Different Types Stream of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is enriched with aquatic resources. The place of Bangladesh according to the ratio of internal stream is after China and India. There are about 4.337 million hectors internal stream. Along with this 0.166 million squire kilometer sea stream. Overall the stream of Bangladesh are of two types. Internal stream and sea stream. Description of different types of stream of Bangladesh are below.

Internal Stream
The stream inside the country without sea where fishes are available is known as internal stream. Internal stream are of two types. Open stream and stagnant stream. Rivers, swamp, lake, inundation land etc are internal open stream. And the stagnant stream are pond, mere and coastal area. The total area of open stream is 4.047 million hector, pond and lake 0.147 million hector and coastal area 0.143 million hectors.

Sea Stream
Vast sea stream located in the southern part of Bangladesh, where about 480 km coastal area and 200 notical mile economical area. Nowadays the fisherman catch a large number of fish from this zone. Fish are not cultivated in sea stream. Only collect fishes which grows naturally.

There are also other types of stream which are described below.

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