Diarrhea in Cattle

Like humans the cattle also get infected by diarrhea. The domestic animal get infected by diarrhea due to attack of different types of virus, bacteria, fungus, germs like protozoa, various types of worm etc. The cattle get infected by diarrhea by eating rotted and polluted hay, leaves, straw etc. from the field while grazing. They also caught by this disease by consuming water hyacinth. Causes, symptoms and treatment of diarrhea in cattle are described below.
  • The cattle get infected by diarrhea by various types of germs and parasites like bacteria, fungus, virus, protozoa, worms etc.
  • Consuming rotted and polluted straw and grasses from the field.
  • Germs of polluted food and eggs of worms also causes diarrhea in cattle.
  • Diarrhea infected animal evacuate liquid closet frequently.
  • The animal lose water, salt, mineral etc. from their body. So, they become very weak.
  • They stops eating food.
  • They feel disinterestedness.
  • Saliva flows from their mouth.
  • Sometimes sepsis can be seen.
  • Body of diarrhea infected animal become very cold.
  • They lay down in the ground.
  • Their vigor get reduced.
  • The animal feel pain while pressuring in the right side of their belly.
  • Blood or mucus may flows with their closet.
  • Their mouth become dry due to lack of water.
  • Diarrhea infected calf suffers much and they may die.
  • Don’t keep the animal in dampy or dirty place. Keep them in dry and clean place.
  • Always vaccinate them timely.
  • Feed the cattle wormicide medicine occasionally.
  • Don’t let the animal to eat rotted and polluted straw, grasses, hay, leaves and water from open field.
  • Don’t feed them water hyacinth.
  • Feed the diarrhea infected animal salt and treacle mixed water as a treatment of diarrhea in cattle.
  • If needed use saline.
  • Provide the animal sufficient clean and fresh water.


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