Collection and Making the Minnow Durable

Here we are describing about collection and making the minnow durable. Minnow should be collected at morning. Otherwise their mortality rate will increase. Most of the minnow should collected from the pond by pulling net once or twice. After that collect the rest minnow by removing water from the pond. Stop serving supplementary fish feed one day before collecting minnow. It is not right to pull the net in the pond for more than two times. Because pulling net more than two times creates excessive muddy water and the fish may die. After collecting minnow from the pond keep them in hapa for 5-6 hours and make them durable. While selling, the minnow should not be shifted by hand. Use leaky bowl for shifting them from hapa.
The minnow must have to made durable so that they don’t die while transportation and for reducing mortality rate. If the minnow transported in any nearest place then any transportation method may used. But for long distance transportation the minnow must have to make durable by some process. Making the minnow durable for long period and distance transportation some steps should be taken which are listed below.
  • Keep the minnow in hapa.
  • Provide them less water flow.
  • Serve oxygen in the flow of water. This will make the minnow afraid and they will leave excreta and vomit. And their stomach will be fully empty.
  • Keep them in starvation for one day.
  • The minnow will move around the hapa and their stomach will be fully empty.
  • This system will keep them free from vomiting and excreta by shaking while transportation and the water will not damage. Thus the minnow will be habituated living in small place.

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