Coccidiosis Disease in Cattle

A protozoa named eimeria causes coccidiosis disease in cattle. This disease affects much to animal aged between 6-12 months. Germ of coccidiosis disease enter into the intestine duct of animal through water and food. This germs causes sore in the alimentary tract of animal. Cattle housing in dampy and lower places is very favorable for spreading the germ of coccidiosis disease in cattle.


  • The closet of infected animal get mixed with blood and mucus.
  • They do malodorous defecate.
  • Blood may flows with closet.
  • Infected animal feel pain during defecation.
  • Liquid elements get reduced from their body.
  • They suffers by anemia.
  • Animal starts liquid defecation suddenly.
  • The coccidiosis disease infected animal faces breathing problem.
  • They become very sick.
  • Animal stops eating and die within a few days.

Prevention Methods & Treatment

  • The farmer should keep the animal hygienically.
  • Always provide the animal balanced food.
  • Wash the house and equipments of cattle with formaldehyde solution.
  • Keep the cattle house dry and cool always.
  • The bed of infected animal should burnt with fire.

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