Chicken Pox

Chicken pox disease is one of the contagious viral poultry diseases. This disease is also known as ‘fowl pox’. Chicken and pigeon of any age can be affected much by this disease. The chicken under 3 month affected much by pox. This disease attack the chicken in rainy and winter season. The mortality rate in this disease is very high in baby and growing chickens. The chicken pox disease spread from one place to another place through the contiguity of affected chicken and the germ spread through wind.


  • Little vesicle  of pox can be seen in the neck, legs and head crest of the chicken.
  • Blister spread in the featherless area of the affected chickens body.
  • This blister turn to vesicle later.
  • Chicken pox affected chicken suffers by dyspnoea.
  • The membrane can be seen inside mouth.
  • Eye became about to close by the vesicle.
  • Initially the vesicle became red colored then it turned to black.
  • The chicken eat less feed.
  • Reduce the production capability.
  • Stop laying eggs.
  • Sometime eyes become closed.
  • Baby chicken may die.
  • Liquid saliva outflow from nose.
  • Sometimes the chicken become blind.
Defense Method
Timely antidotal vaccination is the main method to prevent chicken pox disease. This vaccine are of two types. Pigeon pox and fowl pox vaccine.
Pigeon Pox Vaccine
Mix one ampoule of vaccine with 3 cc distilled water then apply it to the wings of the bird with syringes when they are 14 days old.
Fowl Pox Vaccine
Mix one ampoule vaccine with 3 cc distilled water. After that apply it to the wings of the bird with syringes when the birds are 28 days old. This vaccine works for one year.
Remedy and Treatment
  • Wash the vesicle with water, mixed with detol, iodine or potassium.
  • Apply germicide powder or cream in wound place.
  • Clean the chicken house with germicide.
  • Separate the pox affected chicken from the healthy one.
  • Keep the chicken free from mosquito and fly.
  • To prevent secondary infection, feed the chicken comumix water (1-2 gram per litter). It will make good result.
  • Try to keep the chicken in healthy environment. This will keep them free from chicken pox disease.


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