Chicken Cannibalism

Chicken cannibalism occurs due to bad habits of chicken. This is also one type of poultry diseases. Causes, symptoms and remedy of chicken cannibalism are described below.

Causes of Chicken Cannibalism
  • Keeping many chicken in the poultry house according to place is main cause of cannibalism.
  • High temperature of brooder.
  • Low flow of air in chicken house.
  • Defective supply of feed and water.
  • If the light of the house become very high.
  • Small portion of mineral and protein in poultry feed.
Chicken Cannibalism Symptoms
  • Behavior of chicken become unusual.
  • Laying hen eat its own egg.
  • Healthy chicken attack the weak chicken.
  • They remove their own feather.
  • They claw soil and litter with their toenail.
Chicken Cannibalism Remedy
  • Serve the chicken balanced food regularly.
  • If the chicken management become deteriorative then fix it.
  • Cut the lips of chicken timely.
  • If any symptoms can be seen in any chicken then separate it from the flock.
  • Add mineral salt in chicken feed.
  • Ensure proper supply of air, light and temperature.

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