Causes of poultry Vaccine Potency Loss

Damaged and out dated poultry vaccines can be harmful for them. There are many causes of poultry vaccine potency loss. Which are described below.

  • If the farmer vaccinate the disease affected poultry.
  • Using the date expired vaccine.
  • Applying the vaccine in incorrect way.
  • Applying vaccine more or less than usual rate.
  • Not following the vaccine transportation and preservation system.
  • Not following the vaccination rule. For example, Newcastle disease vaccine should mix with water in dry and cold place. But if the farmer mix the vaccine in hot and light place then the potency of that vaccine get damaged.
  • By using one vaccine for other poultry diseases.
  • If not vaccinate timely.
  • Not wash the syringe with germicide.
  • Not vaccinate the poultry within a certain time after mixing.
  • By applying mixed vaccine for second time.
  • If the poultry get affected by worms.
  • If the poultry suffers by metabolism.
  • Not applying vaccine according to the age of poultry birds.
  • Using vaccine in acute sun light.
  • By using numerous vaccine at same time.
  • Death of germ in case of live vaccine.
  • Lack of sufficient antigen in vaccine.


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