Causes Of Fish Rotting

Fish get rotted faster than other food. Because it contain high water, protein, fat and low in sugar or carbohydrate. There are many reasons of rotting fish. Some important causes of fish rotting are described below.
Germ or Bacteria
There are numerous germ and bacteria which stays in the various places of fish like body like scales, gill, skin, innards etc. Along with this fish also caught by germ or bacteria after collecting from pond and while shifting with hand or other equipment and from the environment. Those germ or bacteria propagate very fast in suitable environment, food and water within very short time. Those germ flux enzyme in the body of fish. As a result the muscle of the fish become soft and start rotting very fast.
Functions of Enzyme Inside Fish Body
There are various types of enzyme in the body of fish. Fishes use this enzyme for food digestion while they are alive. This enzyme flux process also remain after the death of fish. As a result the cell of their body get broken and start rotting. This system is called autolysis. Autolysis damage the taste of fish and make the cell soft and cold.
Chemical Reaction
The fish body is formed by various types of complicated chemical substance. Among those protein and fat are the main. Fish fat contain huge amount of unsaturated fatty acid. The cells of fish broke after the death of fish due to the action of those chemical element. As a result the fish start rotting and natural taste and color of fish get damaged.

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