Care of Brooder Fish

The success or failing in artificial breeding of fish depends on the brooder fish. The brooder fish is reared in a pond collected from rivers, swamp or any other source. The method of caring brooder fish are described below.
  • The density of brooder fish in pond will be 6-10kg/shotok.
  • Make a storage of fish weights between 1-3kg before rainy or winter season.
  • 1.5-2.5 miter depth pond is very suitable. It will be not more than 3.5 miter.
  • Serve the fish food 2%-5% according to the weights of their body.
  • Keep in mind that the pond will be free from excessive clay. Remove clay from pond by making it dry.
  • Excessive gas creates poisonous gas.
  • Examine the health of fish by pulling net regularly.
  • The pond have to well facilitated of sufficient sunlight. Remove the plants from the shore. Sufficient light make the ovary mature.
  • If it become possible to keep the male and female fish separated form each other then do it.
  • Keep the male and female fish together before two months of their breeding period. This will make the eggs fertile and the female fish lays eggs very fast.
  • Ensure the sufficient production of natural food in the pond.
  • If any disease occurs then separate the affected fish and keep it in a tank and make proper treatment. Don’t use medicine directly to the pond.
  • Brooder fish requires 30% fish powder, 30% cake and 40% rice dust in their food.
  • The pond of this types of fish will always be free from aquatic weeds and unwanted fishes.
  • If there any possibility of oxygen shortage then create artificial tide by shallow machine or pulling net. If needed use aerator machine.

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