Calf Scour

Calf scour is a very fatal bacterial disease. Generally the calf get infected by this disease within a few days of their birth. Unhealthy environment, supplementary feed etc. are responsible for this disease. The cow also can get infected by this disease for lack of sufficient milk or excessive milk.


  • Body temperature of calf increases highly first, then get reduced than natural.
  • The closet of the calf become watery.
  • The umbilicus of calf get swelled.
  • They feel pain inside their belly.
  • Heartbeat increase.
  • They feel no appetite.
  • Calf become very sick slowly.
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  • They stops eating and die.

Prevention Method and Treatment

  • Feed the calf their mothers milk after birth.
  • Keep the calf in clean, dry and germ free place.
  • Apply medicine if needed according to veterinarian surgeon.

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