Calf Pneumonia

Generally young calf get infected by calf pneumonia disease. It is one of the  contagious bacterial cattle diseases. The calf get infected by this disease for cold weather. Pneumonia may causes for different types of bacteria, virus or fungus.


  • The calf take breath frequently.
  • Faces problems to take breath.
  • Saliva flows from their nose.
  • Suffers by dry cough.
  • Body temperature increases highly.
  • Pulsation of heart get increased.
  • The calf stops eating and die.

Treatment & Prevention

  • Keep the pneumonia infected animal in dry and clean place.
  • Make a bed for calf with straw or hessian so that they can’t caught by cold.
  • Ensure proper movement of air and light in the house.
  • Make proper treatment according to a veterinarian surgeon.

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