Brucellosis In Cattle

The cattle diseases which occurs by different species of germ of brucella class in called brucellosis in cattle. This cattle disease is also known as crimean fever, malta fever, bang’s disease, mediterranean fever, gibraltar fever, undulat fever, slow fever, jones disease or rock fever. Abortion fetus, uterus flux, placental fluid etc. spreads the germ of brucellosis and pollutes the environment. Besides this the germ of this disease spreads through the milk and meat of brucellosis infected animal.


  • Abortion in the last stage of pregnancy.
  • Lose reproduction capability.
  • Placenta get blocked.
  • Brucellosis disease infected animal suffers by inflammation in their uterus.


  • Keep the abortion fetus, uterus flux, placental fluid etc under soil.
  • Keep the cattle house germ free with iosan.
  • Make proper treatment according to the advice of a veterinarian.

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