Breathing Rate Of Animal

Determining breathing rate of animal is required to check if they are healthy or infected by any cattle diseases. Breathing rate of thin and healthy animal become normal and fatty animal has high breathing rate. This rate can change frequently due to some reasons. For example the causes of increasing breathing rate of animals are listed below.
  • If the stomach of animal become full with food.
  • During gestation period.
  • After hard working.
  • Increasing the surrounding temperature.

The breathing rate of animal can be counted by watching and counting the oscillation of belly and chest. We also can count this rate by keeping hand in front of the nose of animal and counting how many times they are taking and leaving breath. The breathing rate of a healthy animal is listed below.

Animal Breathing Rate (Per Min)
Calf (Cow/Buffalo) 30-40
Adult Cow/Buffalo
Goat (Kid)
Goat (Adult)
Sheep (Kid)
Sheep (Adult)

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