Body Temperature Of Healthy Animal

Determining body temperature of healthy animal helps to understand if the animal affected by cattle diseases or healthy. If the animal get affected by any diseases then its body temperature changes frequently. Although there are some other reasons for which temperature can change frequently. The main reason of changing temperature of animal body are described below.
  • The body temperature of healthy animal become high in the morning and get reduced at evening.
  • During mating time temperature increases highly.
  • Temperature get increased at the end of gestation.
  • For working hard for long time.
  • Temperature get increased after consuming food.
  • Body temperature of animal get reduced suddenly after drinking water.

Keep the thermometer inside the anus of animal for at least one minute. Then remove it and determine the temperature by seeing the level of Hg (mercury element) of thermometer. The moderate body temperature of some animal are listed below.

Animal Temperature (Fahrenheit)
Calf 99°-102°
Cow & Buffalo 99.5°-103°
Bull 101°-103°
Goat (Adult) 101.3°-104.9°
Goat (Kid) 101.3°-104°
Sheep (Adult) 101.3°-104°
Sheep (Kid) 101.3°-104.9°

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