Babesiasis Disease

Domestic animal get infected by babesiasis disease due to a protozoa named babesia. The germ of this disease spreads by ticks from the wound place of infected animal. This disease is also known as red water fever.


  • The red blood cells of animal broke due to attack of babesiasis disease germ.
  • For this reason the color of their urine become red.
  • Temperature of the body of infected animal get increased highly.
  • The pulse of artery get increased.
  • Babesiasis disease infected animal suffers by anemia.
  • They may suffers by dyspnoea.
  • The animal caught by fever suddenly.
  • Animal stops ruminating.
  • The infected animal die due to lack of proper treatment.

Treatment & Prevention Methods

  • Keep the living place of animal clean and dry always.
  • Spray neocidol 40 wp 4-5 gram in the body of animal mixing with 2.5 liters water.
  • When the animal start showing the symptoms of babesiasis disease then feed them boric acid and potassium aluminum sulphate by mixing with water.
  • Meet the veterinarian as soon as the animal starts showing symptoms of babesiasis disease.

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